How much differences are between the my 50mm and 55mm vintage lenses and can they compete against modern glass?
All vintage glass is mounted on the lensturbo II.
The first lens ist the Auto YASHINON DS_M 50mm 1:1.7 form YASHICA JAPAN. A lens with great built quality and excellent manual focus feeling. 
My recommendation is to step down to F2.0. The bokeh at F2.0 ist still excellent and the contrast improves vs F 1.7

The next 50mm is the famous Super-Takumar 50mm F1.4. A different character with less contrast but fine bokeh and warmer colors. I use this lens only for work with open aperture at F1.4 or max at F1.8. The softness of the open aperture gives a special smooth mutual look to the capture with enough detail. 
The adaption to a LENSTURBO is only possible up to a focus distance of 3 meters, due to the bottom lens. With full extension the lens is 4mm over bottom of the housing and thats to long for the lensturbo. The same problem as with the TOMIOKA and the Auto-Revuenon F1.4. These lenses are in this comparison just to show how this very fast lenses match with the lensturbo.
The next lenses are the 55mm Takumars. Both are excellent allround performer with a great performance at F2.0 esp. the SMC version. Both lenses can be uses up to infinity focus on the lensturbo.
And now two very fast Auto-Revuenon lenses. The colors of the TOMIOKA are warmer and comparable with the Takumar 50 1.4. The smoothness of the bokeh is with the F 1.2 and F1.4 apertures excellent. 
On top the F1.4 Revuenon is the best performer when it comes to corner sharpness even wide open. The Tomioka character stays very soft. Its a lens for special purposes like the TAKUMAR 50 1.4.
And finally the modern glass. The field of view of the 35mm croped on the FUJI X ist different to the adapted 50mm. 35mm X 1,5 is a field of view of 52,5mm and the adapted 50mm are 54mm and the 55mm are 59,4mm. But the get an idea of the bokeh and the rendering I integrated the lenses in the comparison.
The Fujinon ist good at F1.4 but I dont like the results at F2.8. The modern lens design gives to much depth of field and a harsch bokeh. The Zongyi gives stunning results at F0.95.
In my personnel ranking the ZHONGYI Speedmaster beats the Fujinon XF. Even in some other comparison the Zongyi showed its potential with less chromatic aberrations and excellent center sharpness. The Fuji is a bit better in the corners but at F1.4 vs F 0.95 this is not comparable.
No 2 or NO 1 of the vintage comparison ist the Yashion 50mm F1.7. The lens can be adapted with my lensturbo or a normal adapter and the bokeh is nearly at the level of the Zongyi. 
The next comparison shows a real 50mm (full frame equivalent) comparison of the
ZONGYI Speedmaster 35mm 0,95, the Super-Takumar 50mm 1.4, the Yashion 50mm F1.7 and in the second row the FUJINON XF 35mm F1.4 , the Carl Zeiss Jenar Pancoloar 50mm F 1.8 and the Nikon Serie 50mm F 1.8.
All lenses are quite good. But I did not expect, that the chromatic aberrations of the modern FUJINON XF are worse than some vintage glass. 
Again the ZONGYI is my No1. Great center sharpness, a controlled level of chromatic aberrations,  an excellent color reproduction, great built quality and smooth focusing and the best bokeh!

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