A real legend, the CANON LENS FD 55mm 1:1.2 ASPHERICAL. The first Canon and one of the first ever lens with a aspherical glass to get to best out of every shot. At its time in the early 70th one of the most expensive lenses in that range. Over 45 years later this gem is still in a very god shape and my fastest legacy glass.
Wide open the contrast of the lens is not on par with a current state of the art lens like the FUJINON XF 56 1.2 but there no loss of detail and the look wide open with the bit more softness is esp. for portraits a welcome feature.
The build quality of the lens is excellent. The aperture click is right and the manual focusing is consistent but with a bit more resistance than my other 50mm legacy lenses like the Minolta Rokkor 55mm 1.4 or the TAKUMAR 50mm 2.0. The lens hood of my copy is like todays lens hoods a plastic thing and lost some necessary resistance mounted on the lens.
But now lets see the stunning results of this legend in a first comparison at f1.2 vs the excellent reviewed FUJINON XF56 1.2.
The captures are developed with IRIDIENT developer and all details, every tiny hair is there. The Fujinon has a small edge more contrast and a less vignetting. The colors of the CANON are  more analog than the perfect colors of the FUJI. But to decide which one is better depends on your demands. For portraits I am happy with this bid less contrast to give the skin a more natural and smooth look.
For Portraits the Canon can be a good completion of your lens line up but how about other situations...
Here are some  panning shots. As your can see, you definitively don´t need an autofocus for good results.
Form far away shots to closeup and more mutual work. Here with a INSTANF Film look.
And the same series with Monochrome TRI X 400 emulation.
In combination with the MCEX-11 on my FUJI X-T1 with ooc jpg in the setting Astia / Color -2 / High-Tone -1 / Sharp -2 / Noise Reduction -2 / Dynamic Range 100 / ISO 200 here are some close up floral captures.
All capture are with F 1.2. The color rendering in combination with the X-TRANS sensor ist outstanding.
...to be continued

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