TAKUMAR 55mm 2.0

My first experience with a TAKUMAR and it will be not the last! This lens is a absolute pleasure to use! The build quality is outstanding, the manual focus is perfectly smooth damped and the close focus ability with only 45cm on a 55mm lens in my case adapted an a FUJI X body gives a stunning blur and bokeh.
The first series show the bokeh from F2 to F11 in half stops steps.
The way this little lens reproduced the color is awesome. The rendition of the out of focus areas very smooth and with a good background like a painting.
The next series shows the close focus abilities each left at f2.8 and right at F2.0.
All shots are taken with a FUJI X-T1 and developed with Irdidient Developer.
In combination with the X-Trans sensor on the FUJI X and the RAW files, the microcontrast of the lens is a good starting point for  monochrome conversion. Most of the time I use the RNI presets to find the right mute for the capture. The next capture is converted with the RNI TRI X 400 faded.
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