For me photography is a unique form of expression in our daily life. My pseudonym for my photographic works since 2012 is LIVEIMPRESSION.
My personal photographic manifest will never be finished, I am still on my are the current thoughts.

Photography is not only witness of the NOW,
but helps us in learning to SEE, to REFRAME, to question the status quo, to switch the position and to understand the conception.

Photography accompanies us on our way and challenges us to involve and to fulfill oneself and give an impulse to the community.

Photography is a daily search, the challenge to create, the ability to document and the power to define the hero,
to focus on the detail, to colour the scene, to bring light in the dark.

Photography is the language of the world and needs no words to express.

The internet give us the technique to share, the ability to comment, to meet the smallest and largest places and things, the cultures and styles, its a gift to enjoy, is a school of seeing, is a reminiscence to the past, gives us responsibility for the future by using our senses, by using our brain.

So lets write on the photographic story together.
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